convert CSV files to GeoJSON

npm install csv2geojson
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Converts CSV and TSV files into GeoJSON data suitable for maps..

Using as a binary:

npm install -g csv2geojson
csv2geojson geodata.csv > geodata.geojson
➟ csv2geojson
Usage: csv2geojson -lat [string] -lon [string] -delimiter [string] FILE

  --lat        the name of the latitude column
  --lon        the name of the longitude column
  --delimiter  the type of delimiter             [default: ","]

Using in nodejs

npm install --save csv2geojson
var csv2geojson = require('csv2geojson');

var geoJson = csv2geojson.csv2geojson(csvString, function(err, data) {
    // err has any parsing errors
    // data is the data.

For usage with browserify, follow the same technique as for node, but remember to get brfs as well so that dsv is correctly compiled.


csv2geojson.csv2geojson(csvString, {
    latfield: 'LATFIELDNAME',
    lonfield: 'LONFIELDNAME',
    delimiter: ','
}, function(err, data) {

Parse a CSV file and derive a GeoJSON object from it. Err is non-falsy if latitude and longitude values cannot be detected or if there are invalid rows in the file. Delimiter can be ',' for CSV or '\t' for TSV or '|' and other delimiters.

Delimiter can also be auto, and it will try , \t | ; and choose the 'best'.


The dsv library for barebones DSV parsing.


Automatically choose a delimiter to parse a dsv string with, and do it.


Given a GeoJSON file consisting of points, derive one consisting of a polygon or line that has the coordinates of those points, in the order given.

Using in webpages

wget https://raw.github.com/tmcw/csv2geojson/gh-pages/csv2geojson.js

Looks for fields like /^Lat/i.

Includes part of d3js for CSV parsing.

See Also

  • topojson supports joining data in CSV
  • gdal supports specific CSV structures to and from other data formats

This is what powers the CSV/TSV import of geojson.io.

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