Streaming parser csv to json

npm install csv2json-stream
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csv file to json array - streaming

Optional Parameter:

var options = {
    delim : ',' // Defaults to comma (which includes double quote support), \t also supported
  , columns : ['Name', 'TwitterName'] // Array of column names, defaults to Column0 -> Column[n]
  , headers: true // First line is the columns headers / keys => headers wins over passed in columns
  , outputArray: true // Whether to output the resulting json as an array of json objects or not, enclose in square brackets [defaults false]

var fs = require('fs');
var csv2json = require('./index.js');

var opts = {
  // delim : '\t'
  delim : ',',
  // columns: ['Column1', 'Column2', 'Column3'],
  headers: true,
  outputArray: true


You can also run the basic test:

node /test
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