A toolbelt for writing functional javascript.

npm install culljs
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Cull is a toolbelt for writing functional javascript. It is based on these core values:

  • Pure JavaScript - no programming in strings
  • Pure functions - prefer side-effect free functions wherever possible
  • No chaining - chaining obscures side-effects and invites spaghetti code
  • No wrapping - work with native arrays and DOM elements
  • Fail early - complains loudly about API misuse in development

This is totally a work in progress. The API may change until we reach the big one-oh.

A consistent API

In an effort to create a consistent API, here are some basic function parameter guidelines:

Function first, collection second

The readability of

map(name, filter(underage, persons))


map(filter(persons, underage), name)

tells us which order to put the parameters. It is hard to spot what name belongs to, dangling at the end. This gets harder with more nested functions.

You might argue that when you inline the functions, the second form looks better. For maximum visual pleasure, don't inline your functions.

Function list

[[ function-index ]]

Documentation and examples

[[ function-docs ]]


Copyright © 2012-2013, Christian Johansen and Magnar Sveen. Cull.js uses semantic versioning. Code released under the BSD license. Documentation released under CC Attribution-Share Alike.

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