Node.js module that wraps curl functionality

npm install curljs
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Wraps the functionality of curl into an easy to use node module

Note: requires curl installation


Install curl first

curljs uses curl so make sure you have it installed first

Install curljs

$ [sudo] npm install curljs


include the library in your node.js file

var curl = require("curljs");
var dataObject = {firstParam : "first value", secondParam : "second value"};
var curlOpts = curl.opts.silent()

curl("", curlOpts, function(err, data, stderr) {
    // do something

Available Options

.verbose (boolean)
.follow_redirects (boolean)
.silent (boolean)
.ignore_cert (boolean)
.max_redirs (int)
.connect_timeout (int)
.ntlm (boolean)
.ntlm_proxy (boolean)
.post_data (object)
.post_data_urlencode (object)
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