DataSift streaming API consumer

npm install datasift
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DataSift consumer for NodeJS

This library gives easy access to the real-time data coming from one or more DataSift streams.

It connects to the DataSift streaming API, and emits all data received. It can also handle multiple stream simultaneously.


  • You have some experience of NodeJS
  • You have a DataSift account (username and API key) available from


  • Using npm npm install datasift
  • Download datasift.js and add it to your project require('/path/to/datasift.js');


  • See the example.js script for how to use the library


0.3.1 - 8th Feb 2013

  • Increase socket activity check timeout to 65 seconds to ensure we don't get disconnected early

0.3.0 - 6th Feb 2013

  • Disconnect method destroys socket
  • Added a timer to disconnect if there has been no activity on the socket for 35 seconds
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