formatting Date objects as strings since 2013

npm install date-format
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node.js formatting of Date objects as strings. Probably exactly the same as some other library out there.

    npm install date-format


    var format = require('date-format');
    format.asString(new Date()); //defaults to ISO8601 format
    format.asString('hh:mm:ss.SSS', new Date()); //just the time


    var format = require('date-format');
    format(new Date());
    format('hh:mm:ss.SSS', new Date());

Format string can be anything, but the following letters will be replaced (and leading zeroes added if necessary):

  • dd - date.getDate()
  • MM - date.getMonth() + 1
  • yy - date.getFullYear().toString().substring(2, 4)
  • yyyy - date.getFullYear()
  • hh - date.getHours()
  • mm - date.getMinutes()
  • ss - date.getSeconds()
  • SSS - date.getMilliseconds()
  • O - timezone offset in +hm format

That's it.

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