dBase table file parser which accepts streams

npm install dbfparser
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DBF Parser

DBF = dBase File find more info in the DBFstruct.htm or where it was grabbed and this seems also to match.

will not work with dBASE Version 7 Table File


var parser = require('fs').createReadStream('file.dbf').pipe(new require('dbfParser')());
parser.on('header', function(header) {
  // here you can do stuff like renaming property names
  header.fieldDescriptors[0].name = 'newName';
  // do you custom conversions
  header.fieldDescriptors[0].parse = function(chunk) { 
    return chuck.toString('utf8').replace('\s+$', '');
parser.on('record', function(record) {
  // yay a record


npm install git://github.com/Bonuspunkt/dbfParser.git
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