Node command line tool to grab a github pull request from a lighthouse ticket and vica versa

npm install decipher
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Given a github pull request number program responds with associated LightHouse ticket number and vice versa


  • Clone Repo
  • run npm install

    -h, --help                 output usage information
    -V, --version              output the version number
    -U, --username [username]  Username of Lighthouse or Github Account
    -P, --password [password]  Password of Lighthouse or Github Account
    -t, --ticket [number]      Get the last pull request for the specified ticket
    -p, --pull [number]        Get the Lighthouse Ticket # for the specified pull request

ex. node app.js -U feelobot -P pass123 -p 2151 To make this program easier to use setup an alias in your bash_profile like so:

alias p2l="node ~/Documents/code/decipher/app.js -U feelobot -P pass123 -p"
alias l2p="node ~/Documents/code/decipher/app.js -U -P pass123 -t"

Note: for p2l you need to use your github credentials, for l2p you need to use your lighthouse credentials.


  • Copy url to clipboard to paste into browser easily
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