Deep merge objects with custom merging logic

npm install deep-merge
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Deep merge objects with custom merging logic


When you create a merge "strategy" you can configure how two values should merge when they have the same key. For example you may want them to be combined into a single array.

var DeepMerge = require("deep-merge")
var assert = require("assert")

var merge = DeepMerge(function mergeStrategy(target, source, key) {
    return [].concat(target, source)

var res = merge({
    foo: ["hello"]
}, {
    foo: "goodbye"

assert.deepEqual(res, { foo: ["hello", "goodbye"] })

By default objects will recursely call your mergeStrategy on your the values for a key and construct a new object with the key and the value returned from your merge

Merging multiple objects

var DeepMerge = require("deep-merge/multiple")
var merge = DeepMerge(function (a, b) {
    return b

var obj = merge([
    { a: "a" },
    { b: "b" },
    { c: { d: "d" } },
    { c: { e: "e" } }

assert.deepEqual(obj.c, { d: "d", e: "e" })


npm install deep-merge


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