Get delimiter-separated chunks of data from a Readable Stream.

npm install delimiterstream
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Get delimiter-separated chunks of data from a Readable Stream in Node.js. As bytes are received through the stream, a "data" event will be emitted whenever the delimiter is seen. The event will contain the chunk of data after the last delimiter and before the one just seen. The chunk will NOT include the delimiter.


Doesn't require any dependencies. You can either just install via npm:

npm install delimiterstream


var DelimiterStream = require("./DelimiterStream/DelimiterStream.js");



function (readableStream, delimiter, encoding, oldStream)
  • readableStream is a Readable Stream that emits a "readable" event and has a read function.
  • delimiter is the character or byte that splits the data and triggers a "data" event.
  • encoding is the encoding of the stream. Defaults to "binary".
  • oldStream should be set to true if you're passing a stream that emits "data" events instead of the new "readable" events.

Once you've added your "data" listener, call resume().


function ()

Starts emitting "data" events with chunks based on the delimiter. Any pending chunks will cause "data" events to be emitted immediately.


function ()

Removes any listeners we had on the underlying stream. Also removes any listeners you've added to this DelimiterStream. Call this when you're done with a stream and want to have it cleaned up. Will be automatically called when the underlying stream emits "close".


See example.js. Prints out data it received before an enter press (newline).

$ node example.js
Received: Hello
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