Converts a Meteor app into a "standard" Node.js application.

npm install demeteorizer
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CLI tool to convert a Meteor app into a "standard" Node.js application. The resulting app contains a package.json file with all required dependencies and can be easily ported to your own servers or Node.js PAAS providers.

Demeteorizer's output is similar to meteor bundle except that it generates a package.json containing all required dependencies. This allows you to easily run npm install on the destination server, which is especially important for compiled modules.


$ npm install -g demeteorizer


$ cd /path/to/meteor/app
$ demeteorizer [options]

--version             print demeteorizer version and exit.
--output, -o          output directory for converted app. Defaults to ./.demeteorized.
--node_version, -n    version of node to override minimum node version variable. Defaults to 0.10.22.
--release, -r         sets the Meteor version. Defaults to latest installed.
--tarball, -t         tarball path. If specified creates a tar.gz of demeteorized application instead of directory.
--app_name, -a        value to put in the package.json name field. Defaults to the name of the current directory.


Convert the Meteor app in the current directory and output to ./.demeteorized

$ demeteorizer

Convert the Meteor app in the current directory and output to ~/meteor-app/converted

$ demeteorizer -o ~/meteor-app/converted

Convert the Meteor app in the current directory, output to ~/meteor-app/converted, and set minimum node version to 0.8.26.

$ demeteorizer -o ~/meteor-app/converted -n v0.8.26

Running Resulting App

Meteor apps make use of the following environment variables:

1. MONGO_URL='mongodb://user:password@host:port/databasename?autoReconnect=true'
2. MAIL_URL='smtp://user:password@mailhost:port/' (optional)
3. ROOT_URL='' (optional)
4. PORT=8080 (optional, defaults to 80)

Run the app:

$ cd /your/output/directory
$ npm install
$ node main.js

Full Example

The following steps will create a Meteor example app, convert it, and run it.

$ meteor create --example leaderboard
$ demeteorizer
$ cd ./.demeteorized
$ npm install
$ MONGO_URL=[your-url] PORT=8080 node main.js


The --tarball option can be used to create a tar.gz of the application instead of putting the converted app in a directory.

$ demeteorizer --tarball /path/to/tarball.tar.gz


Demeteorizer has been tested with the current Meteor example apps. If you find an app that doesn't convert correctly, throw an issue in Github -

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