Check dependencies in your node module

npm install depcheck
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Easily check your npm dependencies in order to get rid of unused ones. Bonus: it checks for grunt.loadNpmTasks and grunt.tasks.loadNpmTasks too, so there shouldn't be any false positives.


npm install depcheck -g


As easy as depcheck [DIRECTORY].

Where DIRECTORY is the root directory of your application (where the package.json is).

This will list all the unused dependencies in your code if any.


-dev : by default depcheck looks only at "dependencies", this flag will tell it to look at "devDependencies" too.


Well, it's more of a "What do you think guys?".

There are a couple of things I would like to do if anyone is interested:

  • There could be false positives, we could have a white list of modules that you know you are using and that depcheck can't find in your code
  • A grunt-contrib-depcheck would be nice



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