Set dependencies in package.json

npm install depz
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A nice little tool for when you forget to npm install --save. It inspects your node_modules directory, pulls out module names and versions and either merges them into your package.json or replaces them outright.


Resets package.json dependencies using a pretty interactive process.

Usage: packager [options]

  -c, --clear     Wipe all dependencies and devDependencies (start from scratch).  [default: 1]
  -m, --modifier  Which npm version prefix to add.                                 [default: "~"]
  -y, --yes       Assumes you want to add all node_modules to package.json.


Which do you want to include in your package.json? Type y, n or dev (to add to devDependencies). Type explicit version number to override.

prompt: async [0.2.9]:  (y)
prompt: colors [0.6.2]:  (y)
prompt: glob [3.2.7]:  (y)
prompt: optimist [0.6.0]:  (y)
prompt: prompt [0.2.12]:  (y)
prompt: underscore [1.5.2]:  (y)

Writing out new package.json.
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