dev & ops with widgets using nodejs, smw, cucumber bdd, nrpe and solr

npm install devopsjs
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Work in progress project to support development and operations around a semantic wiki, BDD, NRPE. Emphasizing minimum invention, data reuse, comprehensibility, ability to 'drill-down.' Advice and contributions welcome.


sudo npm install -g cucumber
cd devopsjs 
npm install

edit config/localConfig.js based on this:

var c = {};

c.flatHostsFile = 'name of hosts flat file';
c.solrConfig = { host: 'yourhost', core: 'yourcore'};

General workflow

  1. Initial wiki definition
    1. Refine with stakeholders
  2. Create BDD feature and scenarios on wiki
    1. Refine with stakeholders
  3. Generate cucumber stubs from test cases server nodejs code downloads features & scenarios based on query, generates stubs
    1. Tests 'pending' on wiki change or manual trigger, server nodejs runs tests and posts to solr, client js queries solr and displays results
  4. Implement test cases on server
    1. Tests 'fail'
  5. Implement code on server
    1. Tests 'pass'
  6. Validate with stakeholders
    1. Function and interface testing
  7. Refine definitions
  8. Operationalize
    1. add ''Every'' keyword to scenarios per ''Every'' definition, server nodejs runs tests and posts to solr
    2. can view current and historical test results


Developed for the Deflect project and Concordia CSFG.

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