Show alert dialogs using Node.

npm install dialog
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Simple wrapper around zenity, osascript and vbscript that lets you show native alert dialogs on Linux, OSX and Windows, respectively.


var dialog = require('dialog');

dialog.info('Hello there');


To show a generic info dialog:

dialog.info(msg, title, callback);

// example, setting title
dialog.info('Ground control to major Tom.', 'My app', function(err){
    if (!err) console.log('User clicked OK');

To show a warning dialog:

dialog.warn(msg, title, callback);

// example, without setting title
dialog.warn('This computer will autoterminate itself in 5 seconds.', function(err){
    if (!err) console.log('User clicked OK');

Both title and callback are optional. Default title shown is "Important".


Written by Tomás Pollak, except for the MsgBox script which was written by StackOverflow user boflynn.

(c) 2012 Fork Ltd. MIT license.

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