Django inspired web development framework on NodeJS

npm install dingo
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Django inspired web development framework on NodeJS.


See, https://github.com/beedesk/dingo-example for usage.


Django is a frameowork that is refined over years and are doing "millions of things" for its users.

Dingo, a Django wannabe, just got started in Dec 2013, does about 15 things. And, here is a list of items that Dingo intends to support, eventually. (checked items were implemented.)

Project structures

  • [x] Support node apps/manage.js runserver $PORT
  • [x] Available on npm registry (aka, npm install dingo --save)
  • [ ] Support dingo-admin startproject mysite
  • [x] Example manage.js file available.
  • [x] Example project folder structure available.
  • [ ] Support node apps/manage.js startapp app_xyz
  • [x] Example app folder structure available.
  • [x] Let you specify variables in apps/settings.js
  • [x] Support multiple app folders under apps
  • [x] Discover views.js file (or multiple js files under views folder) for each app.
  • [x] Discover middleware.js file (or multiple js files under middleware folder) for each app. (Don't forget to specify it in settings.MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES.)
  • [x] Support urls.js conf at apps folder level
  • [x] Support app level delegate with include('app_xyz.urls')
  • [x] Support regex url rules patterns('', url(/^app_xyz$/, 'app_xyz.views.index'))
  • [x] Support parameters in url rules (ie, url('/owner_(P?<param_name_xyz>\d{5,10})', 'app_xyz.views.index')).
  • [ ] Support urlresolvers.reverse()
  • [x] Support test runner node apps/manage.js test (mocha test)
  • [ ] Support test filter node apps/amange.js test app_foo app_bar.Basic.
  • [ ] Support collect static node apps/manage.js collectstatic
  • [x] Support custom management commands node apps/manage.js xyz_custom_commands
  • [ ] Support tastypie API key authication (with embedded SQL)
  • [x] Support Django style template (thru nunjucks).
  • [x] Support dingo.templates.TemplateView.as_view('blogs/blog_entry.html').
  • [x] Support dingo.shortcuts.render
  • [ ] Support templatetag.
  • [ ] Support {% url 'page' %} in template
  • [ ] Support module dependency as an plugin app (eg, settings.INSTALL_APPS = ['dingo-registration', 'dingo-notification' /*, ... */])

Major components

  • [ ] Support ORM (not anytime soon)
  • [ ] Support Account Management (not anytime soon)
  • [ ] Support Admin (not anytime soon)
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