simple and diry persistent json store

npm install dirtle
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Database done right.


Dirtle is a fast, in-memory, persistent JSON store for node.js with synchroneous access.



  1. Install it.

    npm i dirtle
  2. Create the database.

    echo '{}' > db.json
  3. Use it.

    var Dirtle = require('dirtle');
    var path = require('path');
    var db = new Dirtle(path.join(__dirname, 'db.json')).db;
    db.users = [];
    db.users.push({ name : 'hohoho' });
    db.pages = {
       home: 'Home Page',
       profile: 'My Profile'

How does it work?

When creating an instance of Dirtle, the Database is being loaded into memory synchroneously from a JSON file. It is being dumped non-blockingly to disk once every 470 milliseconds by default and once when the application exits.

You use it just like a native Object in JavaScript. However, it has to pass through JSON.stringify or the app will crash.


var db = new Dirtle(path[, timeout]).db;

path is the path to the database json text file. timeout is an optional timeout in ms, when the db will be persisted to disk (default 470ms).

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