allows tailing remote files

npm install dns-switcher
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DNS Switcher

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Quickly switch between DNS profiles

(currently only supports Mac)


npm install -g dns-switcher

to add zsh completions:

dns --completions >> ~/.zshrc

NOTE: If you're using the completions and you get a warning about insecure directories it's because the owner of the directory ".../node/.../lib/node_modules/dns/completions" should be either the root user or the current user.


Create a file named '.dns.coffee' in your home directory:

module.exports =
    nameservers: [ '', '' ]
    nameservers: [ '' ]
    search_domains: [ 'domain1', 'domain2' ]


# show the names of the profiles specified in ~/.tailr.coffee
dns --list
dns -l

# load a profile
dns profile1

# reset the dns settings
dns --reset
dns -r

# show the current dns settings

# By default, it uses the "Wi-Fi" device,
# you can specifiy a different device like this:
dns -d Ethernet1 profile1
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