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npm install dnsimple
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This is an unofficial DNSimple API module for Node.js. You need a DNSimple account to use this.


npm install dnsimple


var dnsimple = require('dnsimple');

dnsimple.api.email = 'your@email.tld';
dnsimple.api.token = 'your API token';

dnsimple.domains.add( 'example.tld', function( domain ) {
    console.log( domain.name +' created with ID '+ domain.id );


The module supports both authentication by email:token and email:password. The token is more secure as it can easily be reset in account at dnsimple.com/account. The password uses HTTP Basic Authentication.


dnsimple.api.email = 'your@email.tld';
dnsimple.api.token = '12345abcde';


dnsimple.api.email = 'your@email.tld';
dnsimple.api.password = 'secret';


The functions all allow a callback parameter at the end. The first arguement is always the intended result object or array.

cb = callback function()


domains.list ( simpleBool, cb )

List domainnames in account.

dnsimple.domains.list( false, function( domains ) {
    console.log( domains );

simpleBool true

A simple array with domainnames.

[ 'one.com',
  'three.nl' ]

simpleBool false

An object with domainnames details, the keys are their IDs.

{ '123': 
   { auto_renew: null,
     created_at: '2011-01-09T02:24:58Z',
     expires_at: null,
     id: 123,
     language: null,
     last_name_server_status_check: '2012-05-18T18:53:24Z',
     lockable: null,
     name: 'one.com',
     name_server_status: 'inactive',
     parsed_expiration_date: null,
     real_time: null,
     registrant_id: null,
     registration_status: 'hosted',
     state: 'hosted',
     token: 'Zp1J...',
     unicode_name: 'one.com',
     updated_at: '2012-05-18T18:53:24Z',
     use_route53: null,
     user_id: 121,
     uses_external_name_servers: null,
     record_count: 1,
     service_count: 0,
     'private_whois?': false }

domains.findByRegex ( regexString, cb )

List only domains with names matching on regex.

// All .com domains
dnsimple.domains.findByRegex( '\.com$', console.log );

domains.show ( domainname, cb )

Get details about one domainname

dnsimple.domains.show( 'one.com', console.log );

domains.add ( domainname, cb )

Add a domain to your account

dnsimple.domains.add( 'two.com', console.log );

domains.delete ( domainname, cb )

Delete a domains and its DNS records from your account

dnsimple.domains.delete( 'two.com', console.log );

domains.services.list ( domainname, cb )

List applied services (vendor presets) for a domain

dnsimple.domains.services.list( 'one.com', console.log );

domains.services.available ( domainname, cb )

List available services for a domain

dnsimple.domains.services.available( 'one.com', console.log );

domains.services.add ( domainname, serviceID, cb )

Apply a service to a domain

serviceID can be a service numeric ID or its shortname

// Apply Heroku presets to one.com
dnsimple.domains.services.add( 'one.com', 'heroku', console.log );

domains.services.delete ( domainname, serviceID, cb )

Remove a service from a domain

serviceID can be a service numeric ID or its shortname

// Remove Heroku presets from one.com
dnsimple.domains.services.delete( 'one.com', 'heroku', console.log );

domains.template ( domainname, templateID, cb )

Apply a template (custom presets) to a domain. This is an alias for templates.apply.

serviceID can be a service numeric ID or its shortname

// Apply your office records to one.com
dnsimple.domains.template( 'one.com', 'office', console.log );


dns.list ( domainname, cb )

List DNS records for a domain

dnsimple.dns.list( 'one.com', console.log );

dns.show ( domainname, recordID cb )

Get DNS record details for a recordID on domainname

dnsimple.dns.show( 'one.com', 1234, console.log );

Returns an object with the record details:

{ content: '',
  created_at: '2011-03-31T01:21:08Z',
  domain_id: 123,
  domain_service_id: null,
  id: 1234,
  name: '',
  pdns_identifier: '112233',
  prio: null,
  record_type: 'A',
  special_type: null,
  ttl: 3600,
  updated_at: '2011-11-28T20:39:51Z' }

dns.add ( domainname, recordObject, cb )

Required: name, record_type, content

Optional: ttl, prio

        name:            'www',
        record_type:    'A',
        content:        ''

dns.update ( domainname, recordID, cb )

Replace a record's details, same syntax as dns.add.

dns.delete ( domainname, recordID, cb )

Delete a DNS record from a domain.

dnsimple.dns.delete( 'one.com', 1234 );


This module is copyleft meaning you can do anything you want except copyrighting it. It would be nice to refer back to http://github.com/fvdm/nodejs-fibonacci for later reference.

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