Generated static project documentation primarily for node.js projects. A fork of Docco

npm install docco-husky
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A streamlined static site generator for project documentation based on Docco. "Husky" because it's bigger and more irregular than Docco, like Husky Jeans you would buy at Sears back in the day.

A fork of Docco, intended to go beyond the appropriate scope of Docco itself. Forked because Docco itself is pretty simple and this is intended to diverge. The initial fork included merged pull requests from nevir and jswartwood for their work on supporting recursive directories and an improved "Jump To" menu.


Check out the generated documentation for this project.

Or these other samples


Possible Gotchas

  • Docco requires Pygments to be installed and will try to install it if it's not already.
  • Perl is required for cloc

To install via npm into your project:

npm install docco-husky

Install globally:

[sudo] npm install -g docco-husky

Or include as a dependency in your package.json

Generating Documentation

docco-husky will generate docs in a ./docs directory. It accepts multiple files (including wildcards) and directories for it to recurse.

docco-husky -name "<optional project name>" <list of files>


# from a local install
./node_modules/.bin/docco-husky app.js lib public

# with a project name
./node_modules/.bin/docco-husky -name "My Project" app.js lib public

# with wildcards
./node_modules/.bin/docco-husky -name "My Project" *.js lib public

# with global install
docco-husky -name "My Project" *.js lib public


docco-husky will write generated files to ./docs .

For all source files, the output will be like

. (e.g. foo.js) --> .html (e.g. foo.html).

A readme.html will be generate and will include a formatted version of a if your project includes it, some details from the a package.json file, and project stats generated by cloc.

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