Generates a table of contents that can be inserted into pages.

npm install docpad-plugin-frontmatter
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A Table of Contents plugin for DocPad

Simply define your Table of Contents in the plugins section of your project's file:

          chapters: [
            title: "Using Stardog"
            subtitle: "Covers basic installation and starting a Stardog Server in <em>five easy steps</em>."
            sections: ["using", "console"]
            title: "Administering Stardog"
            subtitle: "Administering Stardog Server, databases, including configuration and deployment information."
            sections: ["admin", "security"]
            title: "Programming Stardog"
            subtitle: "Everything from reasoning, data validation, and SPARQL to programming Stardog with Java, JavaScript, and many other languages. Includes the documentation for Stardog Web."
            sections: [
              'java', 'web', 'icv', 'owl2', 'http', 'spring', 'groovy'
                title: 'Programming with Javascript'
                text:"The documentation for <a href=\"\">stardog.js</a>, which is available on <a href=\"\">Github</a> and <a href=\"\">npm</a>."
            title: "Understanding Stardog"
            subtitle: "Background information on tuning, terminology, known issues, compatibility policies, etc."
            sections: [
              'manpages', 'performance', 'faq'
                title: "Stardog Compatibility Policies"
                text: "A statement of the policies we will pursue in evolving Stardog beyond the 1.0 release."
                title: "Known Issues"
                text: "Click here first before reporting an issue or bug."
                title: "Terminology"
                text: "A glossary of technical terms used in these docs."

Plugin commissioned by Clark & Parsia and developed by MDM.

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