DocPad plugin that disables writing to the /out dir for .inc.* files

npm install docpad-plugin-ignoreincludes
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Ignore-Includes Plugin for DocPad

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Avoids writing files that are intended to be included in other files to the /out directory. Very handy for stylesheet .less or .styl files that you wish to @import into the main stylesheet file.


docpad install ignoreincludes

The Motivation

See here for a detailed explanation of why I created this plugin and why you might want to use it.


Any files with an extension matching .inc.* will not be written to the /out directory.

You can also customise which output extensions are to be ignored via the ignoreExtensions config option. E.g.

        ignoreExtensions: ['inc', 'abc']

Stylus @import Example

Rename your stylus include files with a .inc.styl extension. Then import them into your main stylesheet. E.g.

@import ''
@import ''


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