Generates TOC for markdown files of local git repo.

npm install doctoc
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Generates table of contents for markdown files inside local git repository. Links are compatible with anchors generated by github or bitbucket via a command line flag.

Table of Contents generated with DocToc


npm install -g doctoc


Adding toc to all files in a directory and sub directories

Go into the directory that contains you local git project and type:

doctoc .

This will update all markdown files in the current directory and all its subdirectories with a table of content that will point at the anchors generated by the github markdown parser.

Adding toc to a single file

If you want to convert only a specific file, do:

doctoc /path/to/file



In order to add a table of contents whose links are compatible with anchors generated by bitbucket, supply a --bitbucket flag to doctoc.

doctoc --bitbucket

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