simple mixin implementation

npm install dotmixin
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Simple mixin implementation.. basically conveniences around functional mixins as described in Angus Croll's "A fresh look at JavaScript Mixins"

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npm install dotmixin

or in package.json

  "dependencies": {
    "dotmixin": "0.0.x"


Add a "mixin" method to a source like this

var Mixin = require('dotmixin');

function Blah (options) {
  this.blah = function(text) {
    return (options.greeting + ' ' + text);

module.exports = Blah;

and then mix that into a target like this

var Blah = require('./Blah');

function Barf () {}
Blah.mixin(Barf, { greeting: 'wow...' });

barf = new Barf();
barf.blah('barf!!');  // 'wow... barf!!'

It's also possible to use the Mixin.mixin method directly

var Mixin = require('dotmixin');

function Foo () { = function() {
    return 'food';

function Duh () {}
Mixin.mixin(Foo, Duh);

duh = new Duh(); // 'food'

Notes / TODO

Mixin sources should be a function accepting a single "options" object as an argument that provides for mixin-level configuration.

At some point would be cool to have webpage listing sources (probably just subset of npm modules that have "dotmixin" as a package.json keyword)

Sources should probably also be augmented with a .describeMixin function that returns a list of the properties they add to the target. When that function is called with an argument name, show details about that function/property and its arguments.

For the example above..

Blah.describeMixin() // ['blah']
Blah.describeMixin('blah') // { type: Function, arguments: ['text'] }

Should develop convention in the options argument to allow for aliasing of the added functions & properties to avoid namespace collisions.

How to handle dependencies? Should it be possible to only mixin a subset of properties?

Build status

build status

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