Deployd Resource Wrapper for forecast.io weather information

npm install dpd-forecastio
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Forecast.io Resource

This resource wraps access to the forecast.io weather api. The resource also contains logic for caching forecast.io results to save api calls to the forecast.io service.


$ npm install dpd-forecastio

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Configuration Option

In the dashboard you can add the forecastio resource. You will need to configure the resource and provide at minimum an API key.


  • apiKey: required to access forecast.io
  • cacheResult: should API calls be cached locally in mongo
  • cacheTTL: how long should the cached results be considered valid
  • debugLoggin: log debugging messages to the console.
  • purgeCache: will purge all cached results on any request to the resource.

Weather Data

You can make GET requests to the resource specifying latitude and longitude and you will get back forecast.io weather data.

Example Request Using client library

}, function(data) {
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