Handle file drag and drop events without all the Yak shaving

npm install drag-and-drop-files
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Handle file drag and drop events in an HTML5 capable browser with less Yak shaving.


var dropTarget = document.querySelector("#dropTarget")

require("drag-and-drop-files")(dropTarget, function(files) {
  console.log("Got some files:", files)


npm install drag-and-drop-files

require("drag-and-drop-files")(element, callback(files) )

Hooks a listener for a file data transfer event.

  • element is the DOM element to listen for file events on
  • callback(files) is a callback that gets fired when the files are dropped on to it. The argument files is an array of all the file objects that were dragged onto the element.


(c) 2013 Mikola Lysenko. MIT License

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