Read through cache for accessing dropbox contents.

npm install dropbox-cache
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Read through cache for accessing dropbox contents.

dropbox = require 'dropbox-cache' # replaced require 'dropbox' with require 'dropbox-cache'

# Use dropbox as normal

client = new dropbox.Client {
  key: app.get 'dropbox key'
  secret: app.get 'dropbox secret'
  token: req.user.token
  tokenSecret: req.user.tokenSecret
  uid: req.user._json.uid

client.readdir '/', (error, files) ->
  for file in files
    console.log file

What is the problem?

Performing a sub-request for ever piece of content loaded from Dropbox results in a show interface. Downloading and maintaining a complete replica is intensive and overkill for most uses. A method to easily cache requests to dropbox means a responsive UI.

How dropbox-cache solves this problem

  1. A lightweight wrapping of the dropbox api to provide caching for three functions: readFile, readdir and stat
  2. Caching based on time, manual clearing of the cache planned


  1. Identical api
  2. Simple 'refresh button' cache clear


  1. Refresh button cache clear
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