Promise-base NodeJS REST wrapper for Drupal Services 3.x API.

npm install drupal-services
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Drupal Services

A pretty simple promise-based wrapper for using the Drupal 7 Services 3.x API. Request and response uses JSON.

Handles session cookie, user token and x-csrf headers.


Coffeescript example:

Service = require('drupal-services').Service

service = new Service(
    '/endpoint'                             # Your Drupal Services endpoint
    { username: 'user', password: 'enter' } # Login credentials
    {                                       # http/https request object
        hostname: 'yourserver.com'
        port: 443

        (user) ->
            # resource method args: resource path, method, request data (JSON)
            return service.resource 'node/1', 'put', { title: 'updated!' }
        (response) ->
            console.log response.body
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