Stream events from DualShock 4 controllers

npm install ds4
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Stream events from DualShock 4 controllers.

Note: Also works with bluetooth, but most event data is only available via USB.

Understand HID(API)/node-hid? Please tell me how I can get all 64 bytes from Bluetooth instead of just 8!


  • Left & right analog stick
  • D-pad: up, down, left, right (also intermediate positions)
  • Buttons: x, circle, square, triangle, share, options, (DS4) trackpad button
  • Left & right analog triggers
  • (DS4) 2 touches on the trackpad (X, Y, active, ID) & trackpad button
  • Gryoscope (absolute orientation) & accelerometer (relative movement)
  • Battery status

Compared to the DS3 the DS4 dropped most pressure sensitive buttons. Only L2 and R2 are still also analog. I guess someone had to make room for the trackpad...


  • Activating motors
  • Changing LED color
  • Microphone/speaker magic


$ npm install -g ds4


$ ds4-dump

Will dump decoded events to stdout.

var ds4 = require('ds4');
var through = require('through');

// controller is a node-hid HID object representing the controller

Example output frame:

{ leftAnalogX: 128,
  leftAnalogY: 128,
  rightAnalogX: 127,
  rightAnalogY: 127,
  l2Analog: 0,
  r2Analog: 0,
  dPadUp: false,
  dPadRight: false,
  dPadDown: false,
  dPadLeft: false,
  x: false,
  cricle: false,
  square: false,
  triangle: false,
  l1: false,
  l2: false,
  r1: false,
  r2: false,
  l3: false,
  r3: false,
  share: false,
  options: false,
  trackPadButton: false,
  psButton: false,
  motionY: 0,
  motionX: 1,
  motionZ: -2,
  orientationRoll: -145,
  orientationYaw: 8155,
  orientationPitch: 2089,
  trackPadTouch0Id: 4,
  trackPadTouch0Active: false,
  trackPadTouch0X: 1513,
  trackPadTouch0Y: 40,
  trackPadTouch1Id: 0,
  trackPadTouch1Active: false,
  trackPadTouch1X: 0,
  trackPadTouch1Y: 0,
  timestamp: 36,
  batteryLevel: 0 }


As long as this is pre 1.0 I'll rename property names.


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