Dual ====

npm install dual
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DOM framework for Node and browser


  • two ways of rendering - .domify() for browser and .stringify() for Node
  • incapsulation with dual.Widget
  • list management with dual.List
  • Backbone integration with dual.adapter.BackboneModel and dual.adapter.BackboneCollection
  • DCL - Dual Components Library (Twitter Bootstrap powered set of useful widgets) - work in progress
  • automatic resource building with grunt-dcl-resources
  • project scaffolding with grunt-init-dual TODO

With Dual you can use your single widgets codebase both on client and on server. It is ideal for:

  • really fast headless testing
  • progressive enhancement
  • speeding up application UI loading
  • building pluggable server-side templates
  • building normal single-page applications (the way it is made with ExtJS or YUI, etc...)

What Dual is not:

  • Dual is not a framework for writting the whole application that works both on client and server side. You have to write your models, communication and logic yourself.
  • Dual is not a widgets collection itself - it is rather a platform to organize your views code into widgets. However, there is DCL - a set of widgets made with dual.


Dual is hosted as npm-package.

npm install dual


var D = require('dual');
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