Ducksboard API wrapper on node.js

npm install ducksnode
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Ducksboard API wrapper on node.js

Getting Started

Install the module with: npm install ducksnode

var options = {
    api_key : '#your api key#'

var ducksnode = require('ducksnode').create(options);

// simple push to 'my_widget'
ducksnode.push('my_widget', 324);

// push to 'my_widget' with callback
ducksnode.push('my_widget', 324, function (err, response_status){
    if (err){
        console.error(err); //error pushing to ducksboard server.

Run the tests with: npm test (requires mocha)


Look into the "examples" folder

Release History

0.1.0 Initial release


  • Pull API
  • Http Pull API
  • Websockets API
  • Dashboard API


Copyright (c) 2012 Iván Loire Licensed under the MIT license.

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