Time duration utilities

npm install duration
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duration - Time duration utilities

Formerly part of es5-ext project.



$ npm install duration


Can be bundled for browser with help of modules-webmake

Example usage:

var Duration = require('duration')

var duration = new Duration(new Date(2000, 6, 7),
    new Date(2010, 8, 13, 3, 23, 8, 456));

console.log("Years: ", duration.years);
console.log("Months: ", duration.months);
console.log("Days: ", duration.days);
console.log("Hours: ", duration.hours);
console.log("Minutes: ", duration.minutes);
console.log("Seconds: ", duration.seconds);
console.log("Milliseconds: ", duration.milliseconds);

console.log("Trailing months: ", duration.month);
console.log("Trailing days: ", duration.day);
console.log("Trailing hours: ", duration.hour);
console.log("Trailing minutes: ", duration.minute);
console.log("Trailing seconds: ", duration.second);
console.log("Trailing milliseconds: ", duration.millisecond);

console.log("Default string representation: ", duration.toString());
console.log("Alternative string representation: ", duration.toString(1));
console.log("Custom string representation: ",
    duration.toString("H: %Hs m: %M"));


Years:  10
Months:  122
Days:  3720
Hours:  89283
Minutes:  5357003
Seconds:  321420188
Milliseconds:  321420188456
Trailing months:  2
Trailing days:  6
Trailing hours:  3
Trailing minutes:  23
Trailing seconds:  8
Trailing milliseconds:  456
Default string representation:  10y 2m 6d 03:23:08.456
Alternative string representation:  10y 2m 6d 3h 23m 8s 456ms
Custom string representation:  H: 89283 m: 23

Duration(from[, to])

Main module is both constructor and factory method, and can be used either way.
from and to are expected to be JavaScript Date objects. to is optional, and if not provided it defaults to current time.

Duration.prototype properties


Returns full years of the duration


Returns full months of the duration


Returns full days of the duration


Returns full hours of the duration


Returns full seconds of the duration


Returns full minutes of the duration


Returns milliseconds of the duration


Same as years. Returns full years of the duration


Returns trailing months of the duration


Returns trailing days of the duration


Returns trailing hours of the duration


Returns trailing minutes of the duration


Returns trailing seconds of the duration


Returns trailing seconds of the duration


Same as milliseconds. Returns milliseconds of the duration

toString([mode[, threshold]])

Returns readable representation of the duration.
When invoked without arguments (defaults to mode=0), returns as:

10y 2m 6d 03:23:08.456

When invoked with mode 1, returns alternative representation:

10y 2m 6d 3h 23m 8s 456ms

Representation returned by default modes can be customized with threshold setting that trims lowest units:

duration.toString();     // 10y 2m 6d 03:23:08.456
duration.toString(0, 1); // 10y 2m 6d 03:23:08
duration.toString(0, 2); // 10y 2m 6d 03:23

duration.toString(1);    // 10y 2m 6d 3h 23m 8s 456ms
duration.toString(1, 1); // 10y 2m 6d 3h 23m 8s
duration.toString(1, 2); // 10y 2m 6d 3h 23m


When invoked with string, formats the duration according to given pattern, where:

  • %y - duration.year
  • %m - duration.month
  • %d - duration.day
  • %H - duration.hour
  • %M - duration.minute
  • %S - duration.second
  • %L - duration.millisecond
  • %ms - duration.months
  • %ds - duration.days
  • %Hs - duration.hours
  • %Ms - duration.minutes
  • %Ss - duration.seconds
  • %Ls - duration.milliseconds
  • %sign - If duration is negative outputs - otherwise empty string

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