cli and node module to compile dust.js templates

npm install dustbuster
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compiles dust.js templates


For use in other node projects:

npm install dustbuster

As a command line tool:

npm install dustbuster -g


in a node project:

var dustbuster = require('dustbuster');
  input: <input>,
  basename: <basename>,
  output: <output>

command line:

dustbuster <input> [-b <basename>, -o <output>]
  • <input> can be a path to a single file or a directory containing dust.js templates (*.dust)
  • <basename> when dustbusting directories, replaces the directory name as the basename for the registered template. For single files, <basename> is prepended to the filename.
  • <output> file to write output to. If not specified returns the string of compiled dust templates
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