A client to the dynamic-reverse-proxy, to register an application via REST.

npm install dynamic-reverse-proxy-client
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A client to dynamic-reverse-proxy.


var reverseProxyClient = require("dynamic-reverse-proxy-client");

// This is actually the default, but this would be how to change it.
var proxy = {
   host: "localhost",
   port: "80",
   path: "/routes",
   method: "POST"

var application = {
   prefix: "/test",
   port: 4321

var client = reverseProxyClient({ application: application, proxy: proxy });

client.on("error", function (reason, willRetry) {
   console.log(reason, (willRetry ? "This request will be retried." : "This request will NOT be retried."));

client.on("success", function () {
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