Reconnect code for engine.io-client

npm install eio-reconnect
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engine.io client reconnect

NPM version

Reconnect wrapper for engine.io-client - inspired by https://github.com/cayasso/engine.io-reconnect


npm install eio-reconnect


client = require 'engine.io-client'
reconnect = require 'eio-reconnect'

# Add reconnect functionality to eio
eio = reconnect client 'ws://localhost:8080'

eio.on 'reconnect', (attempts) -> console.log 'Reconnected after %d attempts', attempts

eio.on 'reconnecting', (attempts) -> console.log 'Reconnect attempt %d', attempts

eio.on 'reconnect_timeout', (time) -> console.log 'Timeout after %dms', time

eio.on 'reconnect_error', (error) -> console.log 'Error while reconnecting', error


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