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npm install elements-lite
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@version    0.1.17
@date       2014-03-24
@stability  1 - Experimental

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Syntax follows CSS Selectors where possible.


<script src=elements-lite.js></script> should place inside body.

Create elements one by one

El("div", "test").to(document.body)

El("a#link[href='/home']", "Home").to(document.body)
//<a id="link" href="/home">Home</a>

El("a", {id:"link", href:"/home"}).append("Home").to(document.body)
//<a id="link" href="/home">Home</a>

El(".custom", "test").to(document.body)
//<div class="custom">test</div>

Browser Support

browser support


Copyright (c) 2012 Lauri Rooden <lauri@rooden.ee>
The MIT License

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