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npm install email-book
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Have you ever annoyed to 'follow the mail format' order by your team or organization? Then this may help you.

This tool create a single html file, which includes mail templates data as html 'mailto' link.

When you click the link, your mailer will open and mail data(subject,to,css,body) will be complemented.



    npm install email-book -g

how to


create email template with xml

        <subject>hey, there</subject>
            Hello! This is me.

            and there....

step2 generate html file

puts xml files in your data directory and run

    emailbook <data-dir> <out-file>

*step3 Open the html with your browser.

'mailto' link will appear!


You can put dynamic expression in your template.

            Hello! This is {{myname}}.

            and there....

After generate html, open it with query to injext.


"{{myname}}" will be renderd as John

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