Internationalization for Ember

npm install ember-i18n
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Internationalization for Ember


Set Em.I18n.translations to an object containing your translation information. If you want to support inflection based on count, you will also need to include the CLDR.js pluralization library and set CLDR.defaultLocale to the current locale code (e.g. "de").



Em.I18n.translations = {
  'user.edit.title': 'Edit User',
  'user.followers.title.one': 'One Follower',
  'user.followers.title.other': 'All {{count}} Followers',
  'button.add_user.title': 'Add a user',
  'button.add_user.text': 'Add',
  'button.add_user.disabled': 'Saving...'

A simple translation:

<h2>{{t user.edit.title}}</h2>


<h2><span id="i18n-123">Edit User</span></h2>

Remove the span by specifying a tagName:

{{t user.edit.title tagName="h2"}}


<h2 id="i18n-123">Edit User</h2>

Set interpoloated values directly:

<h2>{{t user.followers.title count="2"}}</h2>


<h2><span id="i18n-123">All 2 Followers</span></h2>

Bind interpolated values:

<h2>{{t user.followers.title countBinding="user.followers.count"}}</h2>


<h2><span id="i18n-123">All 2 Followers</span></h2>

if user.getPath('followers.count) returns 2.

Translate attributes in a view:

Add the mixin Em.Button.reopen.call(Em.Button, Em.I18n.TranslateableAttributes) and use like this:

{{#view Em.Button titleTranslation="button.add_user.title">
  {{t button.add_user.text}}


<button title="Add a user">

Translate attributes on a plain tag:

<a {{translateAttr title="button.add_user.title"
  {{t button.add_user.text}}


<a title="Add a user" data-disable-with="Saving...">


  • There is no way to pass interpolations to attribute translations. I can't think of a syntax to support this. It might be possible to look up interpolations from the current context.
  • Em.I18n.translations must be fully populated before Ember renders any views. There are no bindings on the translations themselves, so Ember will not know to re-render views when translations change.


To build ember-i18n from a clone of this repository, you will need to install a few Ruby gems defined in the Gemfile and use Rake. These instructions assume you have a recent version of Ruby and the Bundler gem.

To install the gems, use bundle install. This only needs to be done once. You will also need a coffeescript compiler, if you don't already have one; npm install -g coffee-script should take care of that for you. Then you should be able to use the following Rake commands:

rake compile # Compiles coffeescript to JS
rake build:latest # Creates a build version, ember-i18n-latest.js, in the dist/ directory

For more detail on running tests and contributing, see CONTRIBUTING.md.

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