because i get tired of typing EE.prototype.emit.bind.bind(EE.prototype.emit)

npm install emit-function
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because I hate having to import EventEmitter and call EventEmitter.prototype.emit.bind.bind(EventEmitter.prototype.emit).

var EE = require('events').EventEmitter
  , emit = require('emit-function')

var ee_1 = new EE
  , ee_2 = new EE

ee_1.on('data', emit(ee_2, 'data'))


emit(eventemitter, eventName[, curryArg1...curryArgN]) -> function

Creates a function that, when called, calls emit on eventemitter with eventName. Curried args are placed at the front, args added by calling the function are added after the curried args. Allows easy forwarding of events from emitter to emitter.



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