Ensure that an object is an array. Moves error checking out of your code.

npm install ensure-array
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# ensure-array

Simple convenience function which ensures that you are dealing with an array and you can 
eliminate noise from your code.

For Example:

  var array = require('ensure-array');
  function foo(bar) {
    array(bar).forEach(function (x) {
      //do something with each item

Instead of doing something like this:

  function foo(bar) {
    if (bar === undefined) return;
    if (bar === null) return;
    if (!Array.isArray(bar)) bar = [bar];
    bar.forEach(function (x) {
      //do something with each item

## Description

It gets rid of the noise and coerces what is provided into an array, so you do not have to 
litter your code with a bunch of extraneous checks.

Here is the logic behind the function:

 1. if nothing passed to the function return empty array []
 2. if single argument passed is undefined or null return empty array []
 3. if single argument passed is already an array, return it unchanged
 4. otherwise return array containing all of the arguments
Here is the actual code which makes it happen

 module.exports = function array(a, b, n) {
  if (arguments.length === 0) return [];            //no args, ret []
  if (arguments.length === 1) {                     //single argument
    if (a === undefined || a === null) return [];   //  undefined or null, ret []
    if (Array.isArray(a)) return a;                 //  isArray, return it
  return Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments);     //return array with copy of all arguments

## Installation

  npm install ensure-array

## Usage

  var array = require('ensure-array');  // get handle to the function
  var foo = array(whatever);               // foo will now safely be an array

## Status

 - 2011-12-08 - 0.0.4  - Update tapr / tap versions
 - 2011-12-01 - 0.0.3  - Updated to support any version of Node.js

## License

 - [MIT license](http://github.com/jeffbski/ensure-array/raw/master/LICENSE)

## Contributors

 - Author: Jeff Barczewski (@jeffbski)

## Contributing

 - Source code repository: http://github.com/jeffbski/ensure-array
 - Ideas and pull requests are encouraged  - http://github.com/jeffbski/ensure-array/issues
 - You may contact me at @jeffbski or through github at http://github.com/jeffbski

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