Predefined classes/functions for Entypo on Stylus.

npm install entypo-stylus
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Entypo Stylus

Provides pre-defined classes and functions for displaying icons using the Entypo font-face.


$ npm install entypo-stylus


To use, just import the library and define the path to your fonts in your stylus stylesheets.

@import "entypo-stylus"

entypo-define('Entypo', '/path/to/entypo', 'entypo')
entypo-define('Entypo Social', '/path/to/entypo-social', 'entypo-social')

And use the classes in your HTML (the icon will be added as a ::before pseudo-element):

<li class="entypo-pencil">Edit</li>

To see the names for the characters, see the Entypo Charmap.

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