Manipulate ethernet frame headers

npm install ether-frame
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Node module to manipulate ethernet frame headers.

Build Status

Work in progress. Example below is more API planning than actual support at this point. My current target is a simplistic implementation aiming at a simple IP payload without any fanciness like VLAN tagging, etc.


var EtherFrame = require('ether-frame');

var ef = EtherFrame.fromBuffer(buf);
ef.src === '12:34:56:78:90:12';     // true
ef.dst === '98:76:54:32:10:98':     // true
ef.type === 'ip';                   // true
ef.typeCode === 0x0800;             // true
ef.length === 14;                   // true
var payload = buf.slice(ef.length);
var buf = ef.toBuffer();
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