add event delegation to ever event emitters

npm install ever-delegate
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DOM event delegation, a la jQuery's el.on('click', 'selector > selector') method.

var ever = require('ever')
  , sel = require('cssauron-html')
  , delegate = require('ever-delegate')

delegate(ever(document.body), sel('a[href^=/]'))
  .on('click', function(ev) {
    console.log(this)   // <-- the <a> element selected by the above


delegate(event emitter, filterFunction) -> delegate event emitter

Create a delegate event emitter. Works with any event emitter that emits DOM event objects.

filterFunction is a function that takes one argument -- a node -- and returns whether or not that node should be considered a match or not. This is compatible with the matchesSelector spec (available as webkitMatchesSelector or mozMatchesSelector). It's also compatible with CSSauron selectors.



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