Node's missing execSync.

npm install execSync
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Executes shell commands synchronously.

WARNING For dev machine shell scripting only. DO NOT USE for production servers.


Windows requires Python and Visual Studio 2012 (Express) installed for node to build. See node-gyp installation

npm install execSync


Require it

var sh = require('execSync');

Run does not capture output.

var code = sh.run('echo $USER; echo some_err 1>&2; exit 1');
console.log('return code ' + code);

Use the less efficient exec if you need output. exec is just redirection trickery around run.

var result = sh.exec('echo $USER; echo some_err 1>&2; exit 1');
console.log('return code ' + result.code);
console.log('stdout + stderr ' + result.stdout);


In *nix and OSX version commands are run via sh -c YOUR_COMMAND

In Windows commands are run via cmd /C YOUR_COMMAND


Copyright (c) 2012, 2013 Mario Gutierrez mario@mgutz.com

See the file LICENSE for copying permission.

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