A small middleware library for setting cache control headers

npm install express-cache-control
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Add caching to your requests in 4 easy steps!

  1. Install: npm install --save express-cache-control

  2. Require: var CacheControl = require("express-cache-control")

  3. Instantiate: var cache = new CacheControl().middleware

  4. Mixin it: app.get("/routetocache", cache("hours", 3), routes.get)

Other stuff:

  • Override caching for development: var cache = new CacheControl({override: 0}).middleware

  • The middleware method is bound to the CacheControl instance so you can treat it like a real function var cache = new CacheControl({override: 0}).middleware

  • leave off the value to assume 1 cache("hour")

cache for: seconds minutes hours days weeks months years

TODO: Write some tests

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