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npm install express-extras
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ExpressJS Extras Package

This package contains extra middleware options for ExpressJS.

Currently it only contains 2, but I will be adding to them as I need them ;)


npm install express-extras


This middleware module attempts to normalize req.socket.remoteAddress and headers['x-forwarded-for'] into req.ip when working with a proxy (like nginx).

var extras = require('express-extras');
app.configure(function() {




Attempts to throttle requests based on the number of times a given resource is accessed. Once the throttle is reached, a 403 is served to them for the holdTime (default 10 seconds) is automatically whitelisted (for development, monit, nagios, etc..) Probably should be used with/after extras.fixIP so that the users real IP is sent to the throttle.

var extras = require('express-extras');
app.configure(function() {

    Use the defaults..

    //Or supply a config object
    //The default config shown..
      urlCount: 5,
      urlSec: 1,
      holdTime: 10,
      whitelist: {
          '': true
      errorCode: 403,
      errorHtml: '<html><title>403 Forbidden</title><body><h1>403 Forbidden</h1><p>Client denied by server configuration.</p></body></html>'


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