Expose github style as an endpoint using middleware

npm install
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Express middleware which parses your project root's to HTML and exposes on a specified URL.

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Default Options


This will expose your at the the path '/'.

Set options

var readme = require('')
    endpoint: [ '/', '/README.html' ],
    htmlWrap: {
        scripts: '/js/main.js',
        styles: '/css/style.css',
        meta: [
            { charset: 'utf-8' }
        title: 'This is my github'


  • Each of 'endpoint', 'scripts', and 'styles' can be string values or arrays
  • An empty object as 'htmlWrap' results in just doctype, html, head, and body tags added
  • 'meta' can be made up of 'content', 'charset', 'http-equiv', and 'name' attributes
  • 'filename' is the location of your relative to project root (defaults to ./
  • 'endpoint' defaults to '/readme.html'


Apache 2.0, please let me know if this doesn't suit :-)


Add tests, all code is crap without.

This will be a good little project for me to translate my unit testing skills over to node.js/javascript.

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