An ETL framework for node.js.

npm install extraload
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Extraload is an ETL (EXtract, TRAnsform, LOAD) framework for Node.js. In plain English, it's a tool for taking data from one or more sources, performing any needed manipulations, and storing the transformed data somewhere else.

Common use cases

  • Importing data from XML or CSV files into a database
  • Migrating data from one database to another (for example, when switching forum software)
  • Updating Solr or Lucene indexes


  • ETL scripts should be easily understood. By using pure JavaScript instead of an amalgamation of other languages with XML, understanding a script becomes much easier.
  • Scripts should be fast. They are.
  • Supporting different data sources and databases should be easy. Extraload drivers are usually thin wrappers around pre-existing Node.js modules, making it quick and easy to support something new.


  • npm install extraload
  • Install any dependencies needed for the drivers you're using. Find these on the reference pages below.

API Reference

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