Generates fake FX rates for real currency pairs

npm install fake-rates
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How to install

npm install fake-rates

How to use

rates = require('fake-rates');

rates.on('USDEUR', function(update) {
  console.log('bid:', update.bid);

// bid: 0.766617
// bid: 0.766504
// bid: 0.766491
// ...

rates is a plain node.js event emitter and can be used as such (subscribing, unsubscribing etc).

rates.on(currency, listener)

currency can be any of the standard currency pairs ('USDJPY', 'USDEUR' etc), plus 'all' to get updates on all pairs.

listener is called on update with an update object. It has the properties update.currencyPair, update.bid and update.offer.

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