function attributes

npm install fattr
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function attributes


var fattr = require('fattr')

var fn = fattr('attribute','authenticated', {version: 5}, function () {
  // stuff
// =>
// fn.attribute == true
// fn.authenticated == true
// fn.version = 5


JavaScript only lets you declare a function name when creating a function (and even that's not specified/poorly implemented piror to ES6). Sometimes you might want to add other metadat to a function.

We could do:

var fn = function () {
  // stuff
fn.attr = true
fn.other = {
  origin: 'earth'

But with long function bodies, this pushes important information to the bottom, where it might not be seen by someone reading through code quickly.

Borrowing from other programming languages, like C#, fattr lets us attach declarative attributes to our functions, giving us data we can work with elsewhere to extend or modify the behavior of our programs:

var fn = fattr('attr', {other: {origin: earth}}, function () {
  // stuff


$ npm install fattr

running the tests

From package root:

$ npm install
$ npm test



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